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“Creative without strategy is called art.
Creative with strategy is called advertising.” JEF. L. RICHARDS

Strategic Marketing is about creating the future of your brand. It’s about asking the right questions, turning aspirations into goals, and achieving them. It’s about move your business from where it currently stands to where you want it to be.


ThinkBAG’s approach to Strategic Marketing is designed to equip you with a sound understanding of your brand, your customers and your competition. It will help you evaluate your current position and your potential for future growth. It will answer key questions for your brand, like which markets to compete in, what your brand’s assets and your competitive advantages are, when and how to enter each market.


We will provide insightful strategic input that will turn these answers into factors of success. Together we will set future business goals and change your brand’s trajectory to meet them, based on a clear, solid and fail proof marketing strategy. By identifying and capitalizing on the unique assets that set you apart from your competitors, we will strengthen your brand and cement its ability to deliver better value to your customers.


If success is your destination, then you need to be riding on a winning strategy, ThinkBAG’s strategy.



  • Research & Audit
  • Opportunity Assessment
  • Strategy Development
  • Marketing Planning


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