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Our Partners

For us the biggest reward is
to have our clients be our ambassadors!

“It’s not just talent or creativity. It’s how they earn your respect. By always doing more, better, and faster than they agreed they amplify the satisfaction of doing business with them.”

Mrs. Evgenia Stara, Managing Director of Acqua Source SA.


“I trust them. I could say a ton of things about ThinkBAG, their abilities, their experience, their creativity… but these few words just say it all, I really trust them.”

Dr. Dimitris Koutsoukos, Managing Director of Fibrwrap Construction Europe Ltd.


“You know, a lot of extremely talented and creative people work in isolation from reality. ThinkBAG is 100% client oriented. The know how to put their creative force in the service of doing business.”

Mrs. Vicky Angelidis, CEO of exelTEk SA.


“I’ve worked with them for 20 years. They are one of those agencies that keep changing so that they are always ahead of things. What hasn’t changed at all is how effective they are, how much they can do with very little”

Mrs. Lia Liristi, Head of Marketing Department of TEKA Hellas SA


“One thing is really unique about ThinkBAG. They become so immersed in your project, I’d say almost obsessed with it. Sometimes it seems they care more about it’ success than the client does.”

Dimos N. Pitelis, President of the Board PKF Euroauditing S.A.


“You know there are these agencies that the client has to pressure them all the time to get the job done. And then there is ThinkBAG. They don’t stop pressuring the client until the job is done.”

Mr. Dimitris Evgenidis, Manager of TAXI Luxury.


 “They are an amazing combination of talent and effectiveness, planning and resourcefulness. They make sure the job is done and fun at the same time.”

Dr. Panagiotis Karamalis, IT Manager of Palladio School


“No matter how sure you feel about yourself and your company, it always a relief to know that someone’s got your back covered. That someone is ThinkBAG.”

MD. Sykianakis Dimitrios, Well Aging Athens Clinic