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At ThinkBAG we made small but important adjustments of the initial logo design. In this way the final logo was more simply and easier to use it with different color backgrounds or print it in several printing materials like hats, bags, tapes, boxes etc.


In order to present the company with a friendly face to its clients, we proposed the creation of a mascot.


ThinkBAG inspired by the name of the founder of Acqua Source, Nikos Staras and designed "Mr. Staratos" as a water drop because all the products that the company is dealing with, involve water, (pool, sauna, spa, fountains, pvc fittings etc). The naming of the mascot "Staratos" in Greek means the absolute frank, transparent and reliable person.

Graphics Design

At ThinkBAG we designed custom graphics as buttons for each category of the company's products in order help its clients to find more easily what they looking for.

Flyers Spa

Design and Printing of Acqua Source's Spa Flyers by ThinkBAG.

Special Printing

Custom Design and Special Printing of Acqua Source's Corporate Brochures and merchandise by ThinkBAG.

16pages Company Profile Brochures with special paper, mat lamination and categorized cutting mold | Advertising bags of trade shows for gifts & flyers

Flyers Waterparks

At ThinkBAG we designed and printed Acqua Source's Flyers for Waterparks.

Exhibitions Displays

ThinkBAG created all the promotional material needed for the participation of the client to international Exhibitions in Spain and Germany and designed the Exhibitions displays.


ThinkBAG created a digital presentation in English and Greek, with animated slides, for the business to business (B2B) communication of the company and its participation to international Exhibitions.