Private School in Greece



Palladio is a private school in Greece since 1954.


ThinkBAG assigned with the new advertising campaign of PALLADIO for the 2014.


We created the Concept: "Every day an exciting journey into knowledge". Because every day at Palladio is different, every day happens something new. Every day is an insperation for both teather and students. We become better. We learn new things with new ways and it's the only way to maintain the kid's interest alive.


The Copywriting of the new advertising campaign was assigned to ThinkBAG and comprises of:
Advertising Concept | Slogan | Titles and Subtitles of the new website | The text of the brochures | Naming of the newsletter
| The text for vocalization of the corporate video


Some samples of the photo shooting of Palladio's facilities and the teaching proccess with new technological ways, by ThinkBAG.


ThinkBAG designed the new full resposnive website of Palladio school.


Design and Printing of Palladio's new Flyer with the innovative ways of the teaching process in the school, by ThinkBAG

ThinkBAG created a conceptual video to present the novelties in the teaching process of  Palladio school.

Folder & Company Profile

Design and Printing of Palladio's Folders, Stationary & Company Profile Brochure.

Direct Mail

ThinkBAG's proposal for the promotion of the school was a direct mail campaign with an impressive graphic designed envelop and a 3-fold flyer for the parents and the creation of a annual publication (newsletter) called "apotipomata" which contain news of the school and achievements of the pupils.

ThinkBAG engaged with promotion of Palladio's chorus events in Acropolis. The event "against racism" was organized by the General Secretary of the Ministry of Justice and the Palladio's chorus played a leading role in it.

Newspaper Ads

ThinkBAG proposed to its client to take advantage of the publicity of the event "against racism" in Acropolis and designed a printing advert for the newspapers.

Palladio - memento album

Αt ThinkBAG we undertook the creation of the memento album for the “first” class of the 6th grade of Palladio school, for Varis facilities.


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