Complete Corporate Identity

Complete Corporate Identity


Complete Corporate Identity

By "corporate identity" we usually mean applying right the logo on applications such as cards, letterheads, envelopes, invoices, etc. keeping a similar design that will help the customer build basic communication with his audience.

But what do we mean by "complete corporate identity"?

It is the perception that shapes a brand's audience from its overall image and market presence. It concerns the outdoor and indoor signage of a company, a store or a chain of stores, the presence of a brand in exhibitions or events, as well as the appearance of staff, internal communication, online and oriented marketing & advertising.

Is it essential to the creation of a brand concept for a "complete corporate identity"?

The answer is that it is not just required but is imposed. The concept of a brand is a story that needs to be said, it will inspire trust and a strong relationship will be created. In a few words, it is what we would like someone to think when they hear the name of the brand or see the visual symbols we have chosen for it when applied in marketing, branding, advertising & communication. It is the way of how a company or brand will be displayed and how will manage to communicate its ideas and character.

The right & complete designed corporate identity increases the brand's value and bargaining power.

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