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ThinkBAG created the concept and implemented the post production of the OPA SHOW's video trailer (PPV).

Folk dances. A remarkable heritage of the Greeks’ cultural identity, kept alive to date since antiquity. This is the legacy the Helios Dancers minister to the whole world.

The Helios Dancers assigned to ThinkBAG the strategic marketing & the advertising campaign of OPA SHOW, a Greek Folk Dance Show from Apollo to Zorba. We created the brand OPA SHOW and the corporate logo, The Helios Dancers. 

Our provided services comprise of:

  • Naming & Design Logo
  • Advertising Concept: Slogan, Titles & Subtitles, Body text, Show's narration (theatrical acts & videos)
  • Full Corporate ID (Business Cards, Letter Heads, Envelops,) and also the apparel for the sales department.
  • Design and printing of OPA SHOW's flyers, posters & advertising brochures in 4 different languages.
  • Design all the promotional & marketing material needed of OPA SHOW (tickets, invitations, discount coupons, displays etc.)
  • Creative copywriting of the whole project in Greek and its translation in three extra languages English, German and Russian
  • Web design and development a full Responsive - one page - website of OPA Show.
  • Creation & implementation the post production of the OPA SHOW's video trailer (PPV)
  • Photo shooting and photo editing
  • The strategic online marketing & communication of the OPA SHOW through social media (Facebook, Twitter, You Tube) and Google Adwords campaign and advertising banners through Google Display Network
  • Digital presentation, with animated slides, for the business to business (B2B) communication of the Helios Dancers for meetings with its corporate clients (tour operators, travel agencies, etc.)


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