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Alina Wheeler, successful author and business consultant based in Pennsylvania, has said that "branding is a promise, a great idea, expectations that have been created in the consumer's mind on with a product, service or company. Branding is to create an emotional bond with the consumer. " Therefore communication directors of each company, know well that the success of a company, improving the efficiency of its profitability and competitiveness is more than a logo, an advertisement or website. It is a strategy growing with slow and steady steps and it’s the finding of its own voice.

But how can a company gain momentum by building a corporate identity with personality? Which are the steps?

    One of the most successful companies worldwide, Apple, revived and became more common after the turn of its campaign in 1997. The approach of "Think different» found great resonance in the market. Actually, the greatest fans of the company -that wouldn’t dare to even touch competitors’ products-  highlight that products that embody the aforementioned motto, have more "fun", are better in design level and more reliable than those of its competitors. The uniqueness of the company with the right branding went through its products and services to consumers, founding an exclusive relationship. They feel unique through unique products. And the brand has achieved the greatest victory in this area.
    The world's largest companies, including Google, Amazon, Facebook and Skype, have established their reputation based on their loyal fans communities. Their communication consultants know very well that the right marketing should not be based or limited by advertising. Instead, what’s needed is a community of friends. Smaller companies can build their own communities by gaining the trust of consumers online, with accounts on social media and or by maintaining a blog as part of their website. These communities provide a closer relationship with the public.
    A company can gain consumers and loyal customers thanks to the excellent quality of its products and services. The key, however, is a company to maintain the quality that attracted and gained their consumers, even when they touch the top. The "inconsistency" in this field can be devastating. A typical example is Nokia. The company was in the 9th place in the world ranking of the most reliable companies, in 2008 and just three years later (2011) slumped dramatically in the 81st one. The inconsistency of the company and the below average (according to statements of its consumers) products, destroyed a successful brand.
    Each company must have a memorable name and a logo that will be easily recognizable. These are the elements that will bring the company to the consumer's mind. It is what will appear on business cards, website, in social media, on promotional leaflets and generally anywhere the company “deals”. Apple and the half bitten apple are living proof that the originality of the name and logo do their job. The name and logo are the first showcase and be what the consumer keeps in mind.
  • VOICE:
    What and how a company says something is important. The company's voice shows its personality and the messages sending as a company to the public. Behind this voice the objectives of the company should be hidden and this is heard by the consumer. The communication with the consumer.

All the above are some of the key elements for determining the identity of a company. Terms strategically and essential for the success of a company.

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