All you need to know about Brand Design.

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«Brand is the story. Design is the storytelling».
Susan Sellers

We are in “the communication age” where thousands of brands try to stand out in various ways. Brand Design is all about creative elements that will visualize your brand regardless of its size. Choosing the right agency to “tell” your brand story is vital. Brand Design, is a demanding & complex process in which both the company and the creative agency are actively involved, includes:

  1. Market and user research

First goes the market research. Designers dig out the information about the market and potential competitors. It’s good to learn from someone’s experience either good or bad.

Having the necessary data, experts can create a unique and efficient logo and build a brand identity that will stand out the competition.

User research helps to get deeper into preferences and psychological peculiarities of the target audience. A brand needs to make a good impression on its potential buyers or users to gain their trust.

  1. Naming

Naming is just one, very powerful, element of the many that a brand has at hand to tell its story. This process is likely to take some time, as it demands creativity and linguistic skills to get it right.

A good brand name should be unique, distinctive, easy to pronounce, identified and memorized. It may have a meaning or just be a letters’ composition. Even if words do not have meaning, our brains are wired to extract some meaning from those sounds.

Remember that picking up a name is a big decision for a brand. Be patient and open minded as a “strong” name can help your brand stand out in a competitive market.

  1. Logo design

… The most basic mark of the brand’s identity, the way customers identify and remember you.

It is the basic mark of brand identity, the most prominent symbol of brand image and the foundation of effective marketing strategy enabling its connection with the target audience.

Designers are moving to a more artistic stage and by the means of various experiments, they choose the shapes, symbols, images, fonts, style direction and color palette which will work best for a brand.

Another visual element responsible for brand identity is typography. Many logos are created via typography or contain only fonts in it, but typography doesn’t end here. Designers often create custom fonts for companies to be unique even in such small details.

Companies often look for a way to personalize a brand and designers have a solution. Mascots are custom design characters created to represent the brand in a quite symbolic way. They can be created as a part of the logo or exist as an individual brand element.

After the logo design is complete, the color palette and style has been decided,    designers are starting the testing part. The thing is that everything looks good on a digital screen but will it be the same in a different environment or variety of surfaces? (eg. on a Vehicle, t-shirt, sign, card, etc.)

The brand design is not only art. If you rely exceptionally on the sense of beauty and talent, there is a risk of failing the task.

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