3 are the main reasons that affect the success of your new web site!

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There are a lot of reasons that separates a “successful” website from an “unremarkable” one. At ThinkBAG we believe that 3 are the most important reasons that will boost the traffic of your new website or will condemn it:

The tendency to create user friendly websites has gradually become the number one concern for all web designers and developers in order to offer their customers and its audience, not just easy to use, stylish and accessible website, but a unique navigation experience with information and applications that make online communication indispensable tool for any business.

At ThinkBAG we strongly believe that the user-oriented design is the dominant approach for a successful and profitable website.

With the terms “proper structure” and “usability” we usually mean the methods we choose in order to improve user’s navigation. For example, when a complicated and full of information homepage fails to clearly state the company’s services, products and benefits to potential clients, users stop reading or be interested. If the provided information in the website is really hard to understand it or/and it is difficult to find that you are looking for, users punish this website and leave in search of better structured websites, maybe to your competitor’s website…

In 2006, Jakob Nielson, performed a study about the online reading and how user’s eyes could read the screen better without lose any information. Due to this study, the F-shape pattern was discovered, meaning the two horizontal rows and the one vertical column in which developed the basic structure of the website design…, that was almost a decade ago. From then to now, the web-design & development has changed radically due to the use of smart phones and tablets. Different dimensions and screen resolutions pushed the web designers & developers to discover new ways to help users to read and surf online more easily. The responsive technology on websites, meaning webpages that are automatically adjust to the device you see them, is nowadays necessary, especially since many studies showed that the majority of the users enjoy browsing the internet via smart phone devices and tablets.

Today, web users are more sophisticated and their expectations are more demanding for both design and functionality of a website, either that it’s an e-shop or corporate presentation webpage.

ThinkBAG, as a pioneer in digital communication and online marketing, provides innovative solutions, advanced technology for your business, based on its biggest asset: mastery of design!  The integrated approach that we use make brands, companies, products and services to stand out, combining marketing strategy, modern and attractive appearance and innovation. We create responsive websites; custom applications tailor made to our clients’ needs and provide a unique navigate experience for the web users.

The last and maybe the most important factor in order to promote a well-structured and stylish website is online advertising. What is the use of a website nobody knows about it? What can you do with a piece of information which is not accessible to your target group?

P. T. BARNUM quotes "Without advertising something terrible happens ... nothing!"

There are numerous of ways to advertising your website, however, the methodology and the strategy we are following for each client is unique. At ThinkBAG, each client and therefore each website is treated as an individual case: media selection strategy, online marketing plan and promotion methods. The selected method, the duration and the media channel is different and depending on the content of the website, the target group, the goals and of course the budget.


We can achieve to increase traffic of your website and enhance brand awareness through high rankings on popular search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) via Google AdWords, Display Banners (paid advs. in order to display your website among the first results of a search), S.E.O. (Search Engines Optimization) words or key phrases that web users use in search engines and they find your website as a result of their search. An important role also possesses the social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked-in, etc.) where your company should build a friendly relationship with the audience in there and this new target group can be approached with different ways such as contests, applications, e-shop, advertising, etc., ways that certainly can boost the traffic of your website and create a new or bigger target group for your business.


Today the heart of all brands, products & services beats on the internet. World Wide Web is where customers will look you up first. That’s where you have to convincingly engage them first. Your presence on the web is indispensable. It is not a question of whether you should invest in it, but a question of how to do it right.

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