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Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.
Design is how it works.”STEVE JOBS

When you have a great concept in your hands you may thing you’re done. Well, almost. Because customers don't judge ideas. They judge results. So your idea must become tangible. It must enter into production. To become a print ad, a radio spot, a photo shooting, a video, whatever. Production has its own secrets and pitfalls. It demands speed and punctuality, flexibility and strict quality control. To avoid setbacks you need to work with professionals who have the knowledge and experience to guarantee a correct and timely outcome.


At ThinkBAG we take pride in our expertise with regard to production. For over two decades we have been building a network of tried-and-trusted partners. We work with the best in every field of production: printing, advertising photography and video. With experienced specialists who have a mind for success and an eye for detail. Together we work as a solid team to bring you the best possible result. Be it a simple print ad or the most complicated production imaginable, we are ready and eager to tackle any specific requirements no matter how challenging.




Print Production

Beauty and manufacturability do not necessarily coincide. If production requirements are not taken into account, the most creative design may turn out to be impossible to produce, leaving you with a hole in your budget.


At ThinkBAG we take production into consideration even before we start designing. At ThinkBAG we take production into consideration even before we start designing. We take extreme caution in planning ahead, anticipating the future needs of our clients, and incorporate them into our design from the beginning. Plus our technical expertise in printing methods and materials leads to cost-effective choices that can you save money.


ThinkBAG can offer an almost unmatched variety of services, including digital and offset printing, silkscreen on many materials (glass, PVC, metal, wood or cloth), package printing, corporate signs, exhibition stands and booths. And we always make sure that high quality results that make you feel proud will come on time, with no “hidden” costs.



  • Digital

  • Offset

  • Silkscreen

  • Flexography


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Advertising Photography & Editing


Anyone can take pictures. But not anyone can perform a professional photo shooting. Making products look inviting and appealing, making sure they don’t lose their beauty or characteristics when captured in a photo, making them look even better than they are in reality… that requires skills that only professional photographers possess.


Depending on the intended use (online, print, etc) we work with distinguished professionals in the field of photography and as photo editing specialists we bring you the best possible results. Indoor and outdoor, still life, fashion, jewelry, cosmetics, food, packaging, restaurants, even aerial shootings… When it comes to advertising photography everything is within our capabilities and we make sure the budget required is within your capabilities.




  • Architectural (indoor – outdoor)

  • Fashion

  • Jewellery

  • Cosmetics

  • PackagingFood


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Video & Audio Production


We live in the age of video. New technologies, globalization, the Social Networks have made online video communication omnipotent. It is the most highly regarded and popular type of content with a unique ability to reach and engage consumers. Video content can drive results, bring more people to your website, create awareness and ultimately increase sales. It is a cost-effective way to promote your brand abroad, showcase your work, product, or service, connect with consumers in exciting ways and make them brand ambassadors.


ThinkBAG was a pioneer in realizing the endless possibilities of online video communication for companies and professionals who seek to reach consumers in new ways beyond traditional advertising. Whether you are looking to communicate a new product or service, a new package, a new facility or a production unit, we will work as a team with our network of reliable partners to produce your video with the highest quality standards.



  • Corporate video

  • Post production Video (PPV)

  • KINEX Video (with text)

  • TV & Radio spots

  • Events Video


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Contact telephone: +30 2109630305