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It is unnecessary to point out that the current trade is at a stage where the design of a website has reached - or in many cases overtaken - the importance of the physical store. Every business, even if it relies solely and successfully on the mouth to mouth advertising to increase its sales, loses credibility if it does not have a website worthy. Your future customers, as much as they trust the person who send them to you, will undoubtedly seek to find your business on the internet.
E-shops, E-commerce
As the percentage of online stores increases each year, companies with only a physical store will need to revise and expand their sales policy to reach online consumers. Whether your prospective customers see the product offline and buy it online, whether they are searching online and then visiting the store to buy it, the combination of a store and e-shop should be under consideration. Day-by-day there is increase of the businesses are relying solely on online sales by reducing the cost of a store or an office rent.
In online sales, customer engagement and dedication is rating in details: 
An extra step in the shopping cart process, a personal information that is required and the user is unwilling to give it, a not fitting payment method or in general, details could discourage the potential buyer are some of the issues of an e-shop.
On the other hand, a nice web design and easy/fast to navigate e-shop, a "cart" that simply and safely leads you to buy, a presentation of relevant products of what the user is searching, would encourage the user not only for current but also for future purchases.
In website & e-shop development, keyword is innovation. At ThinkBAG, we offer state-of-the-art tailor made innovative solutions for your business, with our biggest asset: the mastery of design!


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